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Who's to blame? The Guadalupe Board of Directors

This is the most current list I have for the Guadalupe Board of Directors
I will post their emails when I get them.

Chairman of the Board
Juan F. Aguilera
Law Offices of Escamilla & Poneck

100 Travis Park Plaza
711 Navarro SA TX 78205
210 225-0001

Vice Chairman
Bexar County Housing and Human Services
Ismael Chavez Hernandez
Vista Verde Plaza

233 N. Pecos Suite 590
210 335-3666 ext. 3135
210 379-8286 cell

Valero Energy Corp
Sammy Nieto
P.O. Box 500

SA TX 78232-0500
210 370-2209

8000 ih-10 West Suite 600
SA TX 78330
Patricia Celis
210 525-7999 office

Dr. Mary Ponce 210 887-1277 cell

Oralia Salame
Tommy's Restaurant

1205 Nogalitos
SA TX 78204
210 223-9841
210 875-0225 cell

Rudy Ruiz

119 Patterson Ave
SA TX 78209
210 930-3339

Harriet Romo Ph.D.
UTSA North Campus
6900 North Loop 1604 West
SA TX 78249-0603

210 458- 2549
and she is the wife of Ricardo Romo, the UTSA President
According to "Dee" Murph, former Guadalupe Public Relations and Marketing Director, she recently told her "I haven't been to a meeting in three years!"

I want to know, why is she still on the board then?

Dr. Gwendolyn Diaz
3111 Alamo Creek Circle

SA TX 78230
210 431-2007

Dr. Wassal H. Beal
7248 Poss Rd

He resigned a month ago, according to Mary Jessie Garza, former Arts Education Director.
SA TX 78240
210 647-4080
210 325-4971

Gregorio Flores

646 S. Main
SA TX 78283-3999
210 938-8445

Noah Garcia
Laredo National Bank

40 NW Loop 410, Ste. 100
SA TX 78212
210 244-7402
210 912-2829 cell
Resigned a month ago, according to Mary Jessie Garza

Laura Hernandez
Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld LLP

123 Cedar Street
SA TX 78210
210 281-7157

R. Bret Ruiz, the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center President, is also on the Board
210 271 3152

Photo Credit: Afternoon Ride, by Joan Frederick


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