"Remember El Alma" First On-site Performance Challenging the Alamo, March 2010

"Remember El Alma," First on-site performance
challenging the Alamo
original poem written by Barbara Renaud Gonzalez

Adapted by Virginia Grise; Produced by Bihl Haus Arts, Kellen McIntyre, Ph.D; Performed at Luminaria!
San Antonio, Hemisfair Plaza, San Antonio, Texas, March 13, 2010; 5 Actresses, 1 Musician
A cast of beautiful women, all ages and colors, from
all over San Antonio
; Foto Credit: Joan Frederick @2010

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

San Antonio Walkouts: A teacher writes from "Lockdown" at Fox Tech High School

they tried the walk out here.  i heard the kids rumbling. there was
screaming and it was diffused by administrators. i am not sure if
there was press downstairs. i am not sure because i am practically
locked down-upstairs. i love the students. mine stayed in the room
with their little strong faces. they know that it needs to be
organized. they know that the reality of making a difference is
much larger.

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yasmeen said...

Is this at a regular high school i didn't know all this stuff could ataually happen. "What is a lockdown." Is it a scary thing or what. This year i'm a new student here saying hello and good by. I'll be here on the 2006-2007 year.