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Chicano in Stockholm sees what war does to children

The writer James Hillman, in Our Terrible Love of War, says that peace isn't the absence of war, it's the abscence of remembering. But if we don't want war we have to remember. We have to know what war does to soldiers, to the familes, to the women, to the children.

With that in mind, here's a postcard from Pablo Martinez, poeta, university professor and activista, who's been in Stockholm doing quien-sabe-que.

Stockholm, 24 July 2007 It's been wonderfully cool here the past two days. But I'm not writing to issue a weather report -- that's the job of the Weather Channel. Today I visited the Medelhavs Museet, the Museum of Middle Eastern art and culture. Unlike the other museums I've visited, this one was quiet -- eerily quiet. I was there to see an exhibition of photographs; the show is titled Children of Baghdad in 1999.

A fairly pedestrian title, until you consider that in 1999 , Iraq was not anywhere in our collective consciousness. Unlike the ot…