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Bob Rivard, Editor of the San Antonio Express-News, threatens the Esperanza Center because of my blog

On Friday, October 6, Bob Rivard, the Executive Editor of the San Antonio
Express-News, the only major newspaper in San Antonio, sent an email to
Graciela Sanchez, the director of the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, one
of the most vanguard arts and cultural centers in the country, based in
San Antonio. In this letter, he threatens to deny media coverage to the Center
because of my blog. And while the email has a subject heading titled
"A Private Communication," the CC line includes all the editors
of the newspaper, see below:

CC: "Thacker, Brett"
"Bertling, Terry"
"Thomason, Craig"
"Garcia, Guillermo"
"Davidson, Bruce"

I am not a staffmember of the Esperanza Center, but a consultant. I've
responded to Graciela Sanchez, explaining that with this letter, Rivard
violates all standards of ethical journalism and shows a tyrannical
disrespect for free speech.

Here is the letter from Rivard in its entirety:

Hi G…