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Governor Perry wants Latina girls in Texas to not have sex

Ay, let's come together andbehold the cemented and unforgiving mind of our Governor in Texas.  There are pregnant teenage girls everywhere, sometimes you see girls with a baby and pregnant again.  Sometimes you see them on the bus with three children. These are girls who look like they're 14, 15, 16 years old.
Can't get birth control in Texas, thanks to our Governor who wants to be President, and says our abstinence policies work -- well, they worked for him.

The only reason I didn't have sex in high school was because I was afraid of Daddy's wrath -- but even that doesn't stop the young from the conspiracy of nature and hip-hop.

The Bad Dream-State of Texas

I'm a Chicana, a Mexican-American, an American citizen born in this embarrassing land called Texas who is rendered almost speechless by the continued impoverished, dream-toppling politics of the chosen tribe they call conservatives in this state.  Are these people on drugs?  Only legal ones, probly.  But they're living in the dreams of the past, the myths, the legends, the belief they would always have Texas as theirs, when, surprise!  It belongs to all of us.

I have not been able to write about it cause the continued legislative hate is worser than a tsunami, a Joplin-category tornado, a Gulf Coast oil spill, it's been a series of Katrinaesque pendejadas coming out of that big-hair empty-headed Governor Perry and his ilk that make me....wanna cuss and spit.

So I will.   Like who could possibly vote for a man who is proud of giving us a state when we could be the next silicon valley, but instead we're building more pulgas and jails?  Of course corporations like to co…