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First Children's video on the life of Willie Velasquez/The boy made of lightning

Willie Velasquez was a voting rights pioneer, and is one of three Latinos to receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom.  
When I tell this story to children, they cry and cheer -- and want to vote.

For more information:

I was sexually harrassed and millions more

When I was in my twenties, I was fresh out of a graduate program, newly married and totally stupid about professional men in the office.  Daddy just didn't prepare me enough, as I suspect happened to Anita Hill.  Sad but so true. 

It was the late seventies, and my boss, who headed a non-profit organization in Austin, Texas, said so many things I don't know where to begin.  Here is a sampling:

1.  "I'm gonna sleep with every woman in this organization."  (I guess this included me).
2.   "Did you have good sex over the weekend with your husband?"
3.   "Can you get her for me?"  (On a return trip from Washington D.C. to Dallas)
4.  "We call you Miss Prim and Proper."  Because I had told the young women in the office about
the sexual harrassment legislation, how they didn't have to sleep with him or any other "boss."
5.  "Your problem is that you aren't nice to the boardmembers."  (Mostly men and mostly leche…

Found and Lost and Found again: Fluffie arrives in the barrio two weeks later

A miracle happened.

Fluffie, the maltese-poodle mix, escaped the Dog Pound some weeks ago:  He was my dog, cause after the Dog Pound picked him up -- looking like a rastafarian with very bad hair, it cost me $50 to save him from death row at the Pound.  Why do you want this dog, lady?  Fluffie isn't tame you see.  He's Street. Not a bad type, just keeps a safe distance from people.  At the pound, on Death Row, I explained my whole year of trying to catch this cabron.  So, they felt sorry for the little hellion, and he got registered, neutered, shots, micro-chipped, and shaved down to his nakedness.

I guess Lady Destiny had something to show me, cause when I went to get him the next day, he slipped under his collar and ran for the hills as he was getting into the back of my car, thanks to the help of a Dog Pound staffer who thought I was abusing Fluffie who was doing some twisty-tango moves.  It wasn't all my fault, I asked the Dog Pound Clinic to make that collar tight, t…

How I found and lost Fluffie in San Antonio

This is Fluffie, a dog from the Westside that I've been trying to catch for a year.  He's a mustang-poodle.  I've tried dog traps from the Animal Defense League, dozens of weinies, and almost illegal drugs.  Nothing worked.  He's a sweet dog, but afraid of people.  Two days ago he finally got trapped in a yard on Colorado Street, and Mike, a man who was my lookout called me and I went right over the next morning.  He was already on Death Row, curled up in a corner.  I paid to get him fixed, his shots, microchipped, the works.  I went yesterday to get him, ready with weinies, a training leash, a collar and leash.  He's a Maltese Poodle, apparently, but who knew?  Weighs about 15 pounds, so the dreadlocks weighed more than him. I told the woman in the Clinic to please make the collar tight so that he wouldn't get away, told her he was a wild one.  She told me that no way could he get away from the collar, though it wasn't as snug as I would have liked, but th…

Governor Perry wants Latina girls in Texas to not have sex

Ay, let's come together andbehold the cemented and unforgiving mind of our Governor in Texas.  There are pregnant teenage girls everywhere, sometimes you see girls with a baby and pregnant again.  Sometimes you see them on the bus with three children. These are girls who look like they're 14, 15, 16 years old.
Can't get birth control in Texas, thanks to our Governor who wants to be President, and says our abstinence policies work -- well, they worked for him.

The only reason I didn't have sex in high school was because I was afraid of Daddy's wrath -- but even that doesn't stop the young from the conspiracy of nature and hip-hop.

The Bad Dream-State of Texas

I'm a Chicana, a Mexican-American, an American citizen born in this embarrassing land called Texas who is rendered almost speechless by the continued impoverished, dream-toppling politics of the chosen tribe they call conservatives in this state.  Are these people on drugs?  Only legal ones, probly.  But they're living in the dreams of the past, the myths, the legends, the belief they would always have Texas as theirs, when, surprise!  It belongs to all of us.

I have not been able to write about it cause the continued legislative hate is worser than a tsunami, a Joplin-category tornado, a Gulf Coast oil spill, it's been a series of Katrinaesque pendejadas coming out of that big-hair empty-headed Governor Perry and his ilk that make me....wanna cuss and spit.

So I will.   Like who could possibly vote for a man who is proud of giving us a state when we could be the next silicon valley, but instead we're building more pulgas and jails?  Of course corporations like to co…

Transforming the Alamo, Making Historia

Yes, Blame the Arizona shooting on Sarah Palin

It is the inchoate fear of the increasingly virulent language and actions of the right-wing that led to this "senseless" shooting in Arizona today of the Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the killing of half-a-dozen people, including an aide and Judge Roll, along with injuring more than a dozen others.

After listening to Limbaugh, Palin, and their arch-conservative cohorts, it has been clear to me they have encouraged hate, fear, and violence in their attacks against the President, with lies, distortions, a total ignorance of the U.S. Constitution, all with a crucifix around her neck. 

I want our Democratic leaders and our President to call this for what it is:  Fear of how the world is changing, and how it must change, how it was destined to change.  In the next days, you will hear about the "senseless" killer(s).  Not true.  Everything is connected -- and the fearmongerers in this country who are making millions for their lies and hypocrisy need to be…