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Why I haven't written

I don't know.  My laptop was stolen this summer.  Then I had to move, find homes for the cats and Perez my dog.  Can't take them where I live now.  The Willie Velasquez project is wearing me down. I know that it will help million of students but I can't seem to get my community, especially the activist women, to understand what I'm doing and how much help my team needs.  It's such a beautiful story of a boy's calling, and how he changes the world.  Yet I can't get my fellow activists to see what I've embarked on -- for all of us.  If we'd had some funding the interactive would be out by now and I could start working on the Lydia Mendoza book like I want.  Instead I'm so tired, want a vacation, haven't been to a doctor in 15 years and I guess I'm gonna go all crippled with a pauper's funeral.  Why doesn't my community value our work more?  We deserve so many stories, this is the freedom we are searching for.  So much I want to say…