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Why haven't I blogged? Been writing and reading and making a living

I've been invited to read in NYC/CUNYnext Monday, September 27th in the evening.
Haven't been to NYC in a few years -- since the Intl PEN Festival when I met writers
from all over the world. Africa; Japan; Germany. A birthday present from Raquel
Ruiz (who's writing a book on women and boxing).

Right now I"m finishing a children's book on the life of Willie Velasquez, that's right
the Voting Pioneer that NYC isn't interested in, but I know I know it will sell.
It's called "The boy made of lightning."

Today I worked getting out the vote on the Southside...for County Commissioner
Tommy Adkisson. Too many people don't want signs or want to be bothered by voting. The Tea Party hype, like some nasty worm,has infested enough brains so that people are ashamed of Obama because he hasn't changed things fast enough -- spending money, etc.
If you hear this enough, you start believing it. The calls to the ego by the
conservative forces i…