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San Antonio Walkout: Judson High School graduate says that Fox Tech first amendment rights are disrespected!

Its a rather poor and unappreciated fact
that in Texas, independent minds and
bodies are the most trifled of people.
Sad thing too,seeing how a bunch of independent
minds and bodies won our freedom
from Mexico.

The walkouts, from what I heard, were largely
ineffective. And they will always be.

For example. I am a 23 year old man. In my
freshman year of high school
at Judson,we had a walkout to
the firing of the principal
of the 9th and 10th grade campus.
somewhere near 1000 students simply got
up out of their chairs and walked out of class.

We gathered in the courtyard. Campus police (read:
Schutzstaffel) were called in and caused problems
which ultimately made this peaceful walkout turn
into a full-on riot. Utter chaos ensued, and to make
a long story short(haha) because of irrational fear,
this peaceful protest got ugly,students got arrested
and there were battered minds, bodies
and spirits.

Fox Tech High School's "lock
down" in response to a supposed
walkout is utterly and completely
tyrannical. Totalitarian, if you

I sure as hell hope ACLU and a bunch of
lawyers get together to discuss this outright
abolition of first-amendment

Maybe the fears of all those hippie parents from
the 60s and 70s is true.
Our school are no longer
education and freeing minds...
they are conforming and
stifling minds,

a la PinkFloyd's The Wall.

With a fist raised in the air in utter solidarity,
I will proudly and loudly say:

Hey, Teacher... Leave them kids alone!

Joel Baumgartner


sanantoss said…
I don't think the lockdown on the kids was tyrannical. What do highschoolers know about this issue anyway? They are children and they were being protected. I don't want them out there in the streets getting angry and yelling and going to jail and getting hurt. This is a political issue. Highschool kids belong in school not in hospitals, jails or with convictions. I fail to see why you keep trying to involve innocent children.
Juana Gallo said…
Why wouldn't high school students not know about immigration issues? From what I understand they read and probably most important, understand the issue from a personal perspective. Immigrants have children...children who often have to translate for their family members.
Besides, it is important that this generation take a stand where the 20, 30 and 40 year olds have slept through first, the Reagan and now the Bush follies. The best thing that can happen to this country is for our young people to begin to take a stand and a chance. What is the difference between students getting hurt defending their freedom of speech here and that of defending the freedom of people in other nations? better here, I'd say.Historically it is young people who make change and war. Take your choice.

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