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Ralph Velasquez, brother of Willie, sues the Railroad Kings: Part 1

Ralph Velasquez, in a historical 16-page complaint, is suing Union Pacific, Burlington, General Electric, OxyCam and SafeTran in Federal Court, presided by Judge Royal Ferguson, a Clinton appointee.

Velasquez, his ex-wife Leticia, and their four children are the survivors of a nightmare that began at 5:00 a.m. on June 28th, 2004, when a freight train collision created a chlorine and an anhydrous ammonium gas leak in southwest Bexar County. Four people died that night, including the Union Pacific train conductor. The media failed to count a "lodger", and this is what happens when you count bodies according to Union Pacific.

The tragedy happened in southwest Bexar County, near Loop 1604 and Nelson Road, after a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train, waiting for a Union Pacific train to pass, was struck on the side by the latter train. Burlington had 123 cars that night, when 80 is a regular load. The cars were empty, and traveling west, when the Union Pacific train, car #63, made i…