"Remember El Alma" First On-site Performance Challenging the Alamo, March 2010

"Remember El Alma," First on-site performance
challenging the Alamo
original poem written by Barbara Renaud Gonzalez

Adapted by Virginia Grise; Produced by Bihl Haus Arts, Kellen McIntyre, Ph.D; Performed at Luminaria!
San Antonio, Hemisfair Plaza, San Antonio, Texas, March 13, 2010; 5 Actresses, 1 Musician
A cast of beautiful women, all ages and colors, from
all over San Antonio
; Foto Credit: Joan Frederick @2010

Thursday, April 12, 2007

MEDIA WATCHATE! Imus isn't the only one

Let me count the haters: Coulter; Limbaugh; O'Reilly...and our own wolf-in-sheep's-clothing, Jonathan Gurwitz of the San Antonio Express-News.
There's more but I don't listen to talk radio or watch TV because of their rhetoric.

What Imus said isn't free speech, it's hate speech. He said it because he's gotten away with it but there are others who've said much worse. Imus is a symbol of Big Media that places profit over protest. The airwaves belong to all of us, not just to white men like Imus. We need real debate in this country. Diverse, informed, contextual, impassioned, but not racist, sexist... And we deserve to hear other voices besides the haters.

Register your protest to the FCC. See the link below.


artistic credits: http: www.uweb.ucsb.edu/~cperaza320/555%20copy.htm


oneunheardword said...

i am so glad that you are back and loud online. sa was without a spine while you were out. welcome back.

The 411 Show said...

You go Barbara. Tell the King he has no clothes!