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THE CHISME CONTINUES: The fight at the Museo Alameda on Opening Night

Ok, so I got a call from a relative of Rina's, the woman who was beat up outside the Museo Alameda on Thursday, April 12th, during the VIP Gala in downtown San Antonio. Los chingazos were apparently given by relatives of Henry Munoz, the Museo Alameda Smithsonian's empresario, the Alameda Museum's founder, and resident star-maker.

Rina Moreno, the social worker wife of Cruz Ortiz, artista, has filed a police report and intends to press assault charges against Peter Falcon, an actor. Falcon is married to Meredith, Henry Munoz's niece, and they brought their two young daughters to the Alameda VIP pachanga. Here's what happened according to Rina's familia:

It was about 12:30 am on Thursday night, and Cruz was helping put an easel away a few feet outside the museum. While he worked on this, Rina decided to return to the dancing which was still rockeando the museum. On the way there, she wished outloud to no one "Goddammit, I want a fucking giftbag!" after fijandose that everyone else had one. That's when a man, turns out it was Peter Falcon, admonished her about her palabras, saying that [his] children could hear her. Up to this point, Rina says she didn't know Falcon.

To this, Rina, a mother of three, retorted "Shouldn't they be in bed?"

That's when the chingazos started. According to Rina's side, Falcon punched her in the face.

Tony! Tony! Tony!

Rina started yelling for Cruz to help her (that's what his family calls him). Cruz ran to her, and saw a man taking his wife down to the ground, punching and punching her, while a woman was sitting on Rina's head. It seems that another woman who was standing by abetted the punching, likely, Emily Buche, Henry Munoz's sister who was calling out from the sidelines.

Henry's relatives let Rina have it. Whore! Whore!

Cruz Ortiz pushed Falcon off his wife and wrapped his arm around his neck, just in time for the police to arrive and handcuff Ortiz.

It seems that Henry Munoz walked by during the commotion carrying one of his by-now screaming grandnieces. He did not stop to intervene in any way.

Since Rina and Cruz needed to return home to their own children, they decided to file police charges later. Rina ended up going to the University Hospital for her injuries.

I asked Rina's family if Henry Munoz had called to apologize. No, they said. Munoz has purchased Cruz's work in the past for his private collection. Good sources have told me that Falcon has a temper, and we know what happens next.

All this for a gift bag? See the problem with extreme-marketing of our cultura? I know all of them (un poquito) Peter Falcon, Meredith, Rina, and of course, Cruz. This shouldn't have happened. Did people drink too much? Is that an excuse? Are we that hungry for recognition que the Alameda Museo's arrival is turning one against the other?

What was in the gift bag, anyway?

Artistic Credit: Una mesa para la gente, lead artist Cruz Ortiz and Lisa Vera Cruz, mural on North Zarzamora and Salinas Street in San Antonio, Texas


sleepinsafety said…
ha ha
fighting against a man sucks...

damn i love this town.
Nicki said…
I find you to be the worst of libertine's. Do you really find it justifiable for a drunken woman to hit a child? Maybe you should research a story without hearing it from a drunken lunatic before displaying it to the world.
The opening of the Museo Alameda was an absolute success depsite your horrific description of events. How dare you you hate on something you did not work on for the San Antonio community. How dare you discard the hard work of Henry Munoz, his family and the Alameda staff who work years on a project that the city never thought would happen.
You, as a Latina, shold be proud of what Henry Munoz has brought to the community, the vision he had of bringing the Smithsonian to people who would never have the opportunity to go to Washington, D.C. - to the Nation's Museum to see our history's artifacts! How dare you discredit the hours upon hours Henry Munoz and people of the community have worked on for the opening of this incredible museum.
Do you find pleasure in brining others down? I am disgusted and disenchanted with your horrific decription of current of events and how they occurred. It is my hope that you find you who you are - and display positivity to the San Antonio community. And if you are acting as a journalist - please get your facts straight before you share them with the world, do not be one of those people who ignorantly display the wrong information, we really do not need another ignorant, corrupt Latina in our midst.
It takes more of a person to be postive and spread good will than it does for someone to spread hate and deceit.
sleepinsafety said…
ja ja what is nicki's prob?
is she an investor of the alemeda?

hey nicky fuck you, for playing the latina card re: "you as a latina SHOLD(sic)..etc" for your own agenda.
S:H:E:L:L said…
I can't believe I missed a gala where the gift bag was worth fighting for!!! No one should be beating anyone up at a museum opening, especially one that is so supposed to be significant to Latinos!! Show some class!

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