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What the Henry Munoz Spin Machine is saying

I got a pretty nasty email from Nikki (?) about my Chingazos postings, relating to FightNight outside the Museo Alameda Smithsonian during the VIP Gala (see previous posts). Don't have time to interview the other side, but here's what I do know.

Artista Franco Mondini, dicen different sources, saw the fight. According to Rina Moreno, who was assaulted by Henry Munoz' family members, Juan Ramos, another well-known artista, talked to Cruz after the chingazos and repeated her depiction of events, telling Cruz that Franco had told him what happened just as Rina alleges.

You know what happens next, doncha? The right thing to do is for Henry Munoz to apologize, he's buena gente, que no? But it won't happen.

Political people, trust me, Munoz is one, don't think in terms of what's right. They think in terms of advantage, appearance, deals, money. They don't listen to their soul, they listen to their ego, which is richly rewarded in this material and artificial world. My guess from the beginning was that Henry would silence Franco and Ramos, two talented artists who likely perceive they have much to gain by siding with Henry. We shall soon find out if they can choose between la verdad and el miedo. Maybe Ramos needs to include these cards in his loteria-arte.

If Henry's familia doesn't, that's his problem, but he needs to be a caballero, and set a good example.

I hope the artistas will tell the truth.

Now Henry's side has filed a police report alleging that it was Rina who assaulted one of Henry's grandnieces, una hijita de Meredith and Peter Falcon. Falcon, who I've heard expound on zen budhism exquisitely, is the one who Rina states punched her. Like I've said before, I've also heard that Falcon has a predisposition for violence.

You can find the police reports at the downtown courthouse. I have to go out-of-town and won't be here for ten days, so don't have time to review them or talk to anyone.

Why am I airing our dirty calzones here in front of everybody?

Because if we get tribal about this, then we won't help each other become better people. And that's what I want for myself, and for all. Henry isn't perfect, and I've thrown some rocks, believe me. But if we don't examine what happened outside the museum on that first noche, then how can we truly honor what he's created and all it's supposed to stand for?

Or does the Alameda stand for orgullo at a woman's expense, corporate perceptions and patronismo?

Didn't our mothers teach us that un hombre doesn't hit a women? Rina is a mother of three.
No woman deserves to get a beating, it's called respeto - even if that woman says a few bad words, that's not a reason to get chingazos. No way.


JNVB said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
sleepinsafety said…
ha ha funny how this family is circling the wagons...
creating fakey accts just to flame this blog...lame.

really, "...the lady doth protest too much, methinks..."
ues08 said…
this story is very true. henry and his family do nothing but abuse people - people who are loyal, kind, and even work day and night for them. they are ugly spirited people - which is why i'm sad to see san antonio donate so much money to his twisted organization. all i can say now from thousands of miles away is 'their time will come'

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