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Chiiiisme! After the exclusive pachanga at the Alameda, los chingazos

Ok, so everybody I know is mixtiado about Henry Munoz, the (alleged, some say) founder and corporate fuerza behind the Museo Alameda Smithsonian, which celebrated an exclusive dinner for the hoi politicos in San Antonio before the public's opening night on Friday the 13th.
The food was delicious and VIP.

My good sources on the scene tell me that Rina, la esposa de Cruz Ortiz, a chicano artist of repute who was in Henry's Chicano! exhibit by Target some years ago, got into some chingolazos with la wifa de Peter Falcon (the niece of Henry Munoz) outside the Alameda's steps by the plush sofas close to the midnight hour.

Hey, it was meant to be a let them eat cake night (check out the installation by Franco Mondini Ruiz with a Venus de Milo on a stack of pancakes)

Emily Bueche also got into it, Henry Munoz's sister, throwing down puro
alamierda style (as it is commonly referred to in barrioesque), according to very good and reliable chismosos working on the inside of the joint.

It seems that Rina, a mother of three (four if you include Cruz), was complaining about the late-night hours of Henry's little grandnieces, dressed in little white flouncy dresses - and barefoot - on a chilly night for San Antonio. La wifa and mother of the little girls threw water at Rina and then
chingazos were thrown from male to female and back. Cruz, a big Mexican with a dutchboy haircut, got Peter Falcon in a headlock, and that's when the cops arrived and handcuffed Cruz.

Que 'stabando pasando? The cops asked Rina if she wanted to press charges, and she said hell yes, but if she did that, then Cruz would have to spend the night in the can too, and she said no, thinking they had to go home to their own children.

Well, a good time was had by all after a very elitist event according to some famous artists from out-of-town.

Al fin del dia se sale el cobre. The gold was really copper... I think emotions were high because people want to be recognized for their arte and cultura and there's something else going on at the Alameda, people feel like they're being pimped.


Professor Howdy said…
Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!
oneunheardword said…
I LOVE IT! Why doesn't this surprise me?
San Antonio always does it up and is sooooo proud of it.!

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