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Why Women, Las Mujeres, Must Claim the Alamo

Because women are here to heal the world. Men are here to destroy it. We are the ones who must guide men to use their power constructively. Have you ever seen a man cry? Believe me, they want to. The love of women for the world is a divine gift, and too often we have let men take it away.

It is more powerful to love than it is to hate. The Alamo is a monument to war.

Join me for a Reading/Platica and Q&A about the Yellow Rose of Texas and Reclaiming the Alma, the Soul of Texas.

Saturday, March 14, 2009
3-5 pm
Luminaria Reading

Bihl Haus Arts
2803 Fredericksburg
San Antonio, TX 78201

photo credits: Joan Frederick @2008


Mantecatron said…
"Because women are here to heal the world. Men are here to destroy it...The love of women for the world is a divine gift, and too often we have let men take it away"

Why the stereotypes to cover such an incredibly diverse goup of humans?

Replace the word "men" with any other group. Blacks. Arabs. Jews. Liberals. Fisherman. Whatever. And you can see that this immediately is an unfair and prejudiced view.

This is disheartening.
Lacey said…
Hi Barbara! Long time no see! I can't find your email address, and don't have your current phone number, so perhaps I can reach you this way.

Anyway, I'm working at NVC now, and Terry's artwork is scheduled to show here next month. We were wondering if you'd like to give a reading from your new book along with an artist's talk by Terry? We have tenatively scheduled for April 14th, and would offer you a $1000 honorarium. Please get back to me! You can email or call me at 486-4006. Love ya!

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